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35 Scaremongers Killed, Wounded in Kunduz

As a result of air and ground strikes, 35 insurgents were killed and wounded in Kunduz’s Chahardara district, northern security officials say.
“During operations by Afghan national army (ANA) special forces and air raids in Esa-Khil, Durman, Mir Mohammad, Kharuti, and Wardakha villages of Kunduz’s Chahardara district, 18 insurgents were killed,” a spokesman for 209 Shaheen corps, Nasratullah Jamshidi told DID news agency.
Taliban commanders, Mullah Asadulla, Mullah Laal Mir, Mullah Mako, and Mullah Abdulhay are among the dead too.
In addition, 17 scaremongers including Mullah Zulfaqar and Mullah Haroon, Taliban commanders were also wounded.
Meanwhile, 6 insurgents’ trenches were destroyed and 14 embedded mines were detected and defused by ANA soldiers.

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