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40 insurgents killed and wounded in Badghis

Provincial officials of Badghis province, gave notice about the killing and injuring 40 anti-government armed oppositions in Bala Murghab district of the province.
Zaher Bahand, Badghis governor’s spokesman told (DID) news agency that last night in clashes between the security forces and anti-government armed oppositions, 15 insurgents were killed and 25 others wounded.

“Two commanders of anti-government armed oppositions, named “Mullah Shayesta Khan and Mullah Naser” were among the deaths,” he added.
“The conflicts occurred in an area known as (Darwesh Muhammadian and Ganda-Ab) of Bala Murghab district.” According to Bahand.
Badghis governor’s spokesman also said that two members of security forces were killed.

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