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President Ashraf Ghani:

Afghan Armed Forces Conduct over 90pc of Counter-Terrorism operations

President Ashraf Ghani, at a ceremony marking the national day of Afghanistan’s defense and security forces, said that the country’s armed forces carrying out 90 percent of counter-terrorism operations, protecting the world against terrorism.

Attending a ceremony commemorating the National Day of Afghan defense and security forces on Saturday morning, President Ghani said that for the past 140 years, Afghan armed forces have not been supported as much as they are now.
“Afghan security and defense forces not only protect their country against terrorism, but also protecting the world,” he said, adding that the year coming to end was a hard one; Because the country’s enemies thought they could overthrow the government, they attacked Helmand and Kandahar, but the armed forces showed them that it is impossible to overthrow the government.

According to him, equipping and financing the national armed forces is the priority of the Afghan government.
“I am in touch with the international community every day. There is not a day that a leader in the world does not speak of your courage and heroism. You are not only the guardian of Afghanistan, you are protecting the world,” the president said.
27 February (9 Hoot) is officially celebrated every year as national soldiers’ day in the country.

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