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Afghanistan-Pakistan FMs Emphasize on Ceasefire

Pakistani Foreign Minister in a telephonic conversation with Afghan Foreign Minister exchanged views on bilateral relations, latest developments of peace process, ceasefire, and reinforcing cooperation in diverse fields.

During the talks, Afghan Foreign Minister (FM) M. Haneef Atmar spoke about the challenges to the peace process, especially the escalation of violence in Afghanistan, and stressed the importance of Pakistan’s continued support for reducing violence.
Haneef Atmar gave a special importance to the role of Ulema in both countries as well as holding joint Islamic conferences to stop bloodshed and ensuring ceasefire in Afghanistan.

Pakistani FM said that his country will continue to help the success of peace talks and the cessation of violence in Afghanistan.
He expressed concerns over the high-level of violence in Afghanistan, stressing the importance of progress in the negotiation process that would lead to a reduction in violence and a nationwide ceasefire in Afghanistan.

The two sides also discussed strengthening cooperation in the field of trade and transit, public relations, the release of Pakistani prisoners from Afghan prisons and the finalization of Memorandum of understanding reached during the 8 December APTECA meeting as a framework document for developing trade relations between the two countries.

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