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Airstrike Targets Civilian and Taliban in Herat

It is said that as a result of airstrike under the command of national army, 16 civilian and 8 armed Taliban were killed in Shindand district.
According to DID news agency report, “the attack was carried out in Bakht-Abad village of Shindand district that killed 16 civilian and 8 Taliban members,” said a prominent security source who asked to be unknown.
According to the source, 20 persons who were in Taliban prison succeeded to run away in the attack to Taliban prison. But a number of Herat’s Shindand residents say that 16 people who were all women and children were killed and 4 others wounded.
On the other hand, a spokesman for Herat Governor Jilani Farhad said that 16 armed Taliban, including two key commander of the group were killed and four others wounded in this assault.
He added that according to the early reports, 13 civilian including women and children, who were residents of the houses around the Taliban headquarter were also killed and 7 others injured.
According to the spokesman for Herat governor, a delegation has been tasked by the Herat provincial to seriously investigate the event.
Herat Shindand district is among the areas of the country that anti-armed government have a wide movement.

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