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ARG’s Ethnicity to Lead Afghanistan toward Catastrophe: Ata M. Noor

The Balkh governor, chief executive of Jamiat Islami and a top member of the national Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan Ata M. Noor in a message on the occasion of “glory of resistance during disgrace of plots” conference, said: “those who were martyred last week were our dears, and the circles that devise such plans, are helpless to understand the meaning of martyrdom.”

According to DID news agency report, the message of Balkh governor says the honorable Afghan people are brothers and such plots cannot disrupt the national unity of the people.
“We have never bowed to any force and will not do so,” Mr. Noor asserted.

In relation to widespread insecurity which is ongoing in different parts of the country, Balkh governor says the national defense security forces shed blood at the battlefields, but ARG palace follows conspiracies and autocracy.
“There were a lot of priorities that needed to be addressed for widespread change; but the fifth pillar – a term used to refer to oppositions that have influence within the administration – are carrying out measures that will lead the country toward disaster,” Mr. Noor said in a another part of his message.

“You all have witnessed the scandal inside the ministry of the interior affair; a scandal that described the most explicit apartheid from the first person of the country. Words that may not clearly come out from the mouth of Zionists, South African racists of the discrimination era, and in no culture. You judge, can it be so simple and coincidental? Why is such ethnic composition not asked from the victims who are coffined daily and sent to their homes in Helmand and other provinces? An anti-insurgents force is important or forming a force to cut off suicide attacks, and hundreds of such questions! … You Afghan nation judge it. All of these affairs are just triggered to ignite civil war among the ethnics of the country. but they will not succeed; because our nation is awake and does not deceive by such plots.” he added in the message, refereeing to the publication of an ethnicity letter of the public police order.
Nonetheless, Ata Mohammad Noor warns the government that such plots and conspiracy cannot make the social and cultural relations of the Afghan people hostile.

It is worth mentioning that the jihadists and political leaders of the country have emphasized in different parts of the country that Ata Mohammad Noor is the only political leader who stands against the ARG palace and supports him.

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