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Ashraf Ghani Must Resign: Dostum

Reports indicate the first vice-president and a prominent member of the National Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan Gen. Dostum in meeting with Ghani-Abdullah delegation, “explicitly said the magic of Dr. Ghani has been broken and must resign.”

It is said general Dostum also called for holding Loya Jirga, saying the efforts of ARG team cannot destroy the National Coalition for the salvation of Afghanistan.
“We have a national commitment to destroy terrorism and are not seeking government privileges,” said Gen. Dostum.
In regard to Ghani’s policies against the political leaders, he said: “Ghani’s trick cannot dismantle the National Coalition and he must give up monopoly and discrimination.”

What is clear from Dostum’s words is the firm commitments of him and his allies against the policies of ARG palace and it seems that unlike previous coalitions, “the Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan” will not collapse.

In the wake of tensions between Kabul and Balkh and the embark of negotiations between Hezb-e Jamiat and ARG, the government was pushing to destroy the axis of the National Coalition and set the political balance on its own favor, but Gen. Dostum’s open stances indicate that ARG team has failed in this issue.

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