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Ata M. Noor’s Rhetoric, Derive from his Public Stance: Expert

“Ata Mohammad Noor’s speech at the anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey, is more than a declaration of candidacy for the post of the presidency, it was an inner enthusiasm and unconditional trust in his people’s position,” said Saqib, a political expert in the north of Afghanistan.
Ata M. Noor, Balkh governor and the chief executive of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami spoke about his readiness to stand for the 1398 (solar year) presidential election during a commemoration ceremony of the ninety-fourth anniversary of the proclamation of Republic Turkey. He vowed that he will be nominated for the upcoming election to fight the corruption.
We had an interview with Abdul Shahid Saqib, a writer, and a political expert.

DID press agency: Mr. Noor said the United States in its new strategy should negotiate with political parties in Afghanistan, otherwise it will be defeated, in your opinion, these words of Mr. Noor show a lack of consultation with political parties in Afghanistan, if not so, how have these consultations ever been?
Abdul Shahid Saqib: although the number of official political parties are more than a hundred in Afghanistan, as everybody knows, there are also some extensive parties. For example; Hezb-e Jamiat Islami is a party which is present across the country and among all ethnics. Jamiat Islami is the pillar of stabilization in Afghanistan and the architect of the modern system. Jamiat Islami is a party that has defended and still defending the establishment by sacrificing its brutal members and leaders. Consultation with such parties about Afghanistan’s issues, is not only for the benefit of the country, but also it will succeed any good and proper strategy and will consolidate its public bases. Unfortunately, less attention is paid to these parties and less consultation is conducted in formulating and preparing strategies. Ignoring political parties, coalitions, and fronts in formulating strategies, is not for the benefit of Afghanistan. I think, Mr. Noor means that.

DID: Mr. Noor also has said that with the absence of Mr. Dostum, Turkish people are increasingly become deserted, so how much is it possible for anti-government armed groups to recruit from among the Turkish people of Afghanistan?
Shahid Saqib: one fact cannot be denied that some political-military figures are charismatic figures, in which people have psychologically invested in them and have a special position among the people. Mr. Dostum has such a position among Turkish people. If we put away false votes, and just consider the clear vote of Tahwul-wa-Tadawom team, all votes were from supporters of General Dostum, with the absence of General Dostum, it is natural that armed opposition groups recruit from among Turkish people.
In addition, with the absence of Mr. Dostum, ARG palace seeks to break down Hezb-e Junbish and stir up disputes among the Uzbeks. Dostum’s absence will damage our Turkish brothers in the current situation.

DID: in your opinion, what does Mr. Noor mean that “we are in a worse condition than Taliban’s era” and what aspects have worsened the conditions?
Saqib: having a clear definition of friend and enemy, the ranks were clear at the time of resistance and everybody knew who are we fighting against and who is our enemy and friend and what are we fighting for. Nowadays, these borders are collapsed. Everybody criticizes from the fifth pillar at the system. The government does not have a clear definition from friends and enemies. Sometimes they call Taliban as brothers and sometimes they call them something else which is the worst situation for a country and for a battle.

DID: as you Know, Mr. Noor at the ninety-fourth anniversary of declaring Republic Turkey said: “I am not interested in being the head of procurement commission. They offered me a ministry, I did not accept. If I made my mind, I will candidate myself in the upcoming presidential election, God willing.” Why Mr. Noor did not the candidate himself at the previous election? And what are differences between the previous election and the one ahead?
Saqib: in my opinion, Mr. Noor’s words at the ceremony of declaring Republic Turkey, is more than vowing his candidacy for the post of the presidency, it was a statement of internal enthusiasm and unconditional trust in his public position.
He wanted to say that if one day I fight for a position that will be the post of president, not the chief of procurement commission. It seems that Mr. Noor’s rhetoric is an answer to those who believe Ata M. Noor has “procurement concerns.” Not long ago, Mr. Noor criticized the monopoly of contracts and the creation of procurement committee as well as protesting against the concentration of power in ARG; which it led to some disagreements.

Of course, observers and political activists who know Mr. Noor, also say that among political leaders, Mr. Noor is the only figure who consider money as a tool to achieve power, not power as a tool to earn money. According to experts, among the Afghan politician, Mr. Noor is the only person who uses all the equipment to turn political power together with national interests, and as past elections show, he is even willing to spend all of his own capital in this regard.
Therefore, if Mr. Noor has a concern, naturally it is not economic and business concerns but patriotic concerns. The trust that Mr. Ata M. Noor has in relation to his public position is also rooted in this positive record.

According to Hafiz, a Persian poet: “everyone is responsible for his own deed” If he says “one day, if I fight for a position that will be the post of presidency” this self-confidence is rooted in the fact that today, his guesthouse has changed to a tribal congress and the heads of Afghanistan – from South to North and from east to west, from Mashriqi to Herat, from Loy Kandahar to Badakhshan – are referring to his political office for consultation and are his political allies.
Anyway, the role of Mr. Noor in the upcoming election, both as a nominee and as the architect of a team, plays the main role. Those who have seen or heard his rhetoric on social networks and among the people would certainly agree with me.

Translated By Taher Mojab

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