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Billions of dollars Squandered in Afghanistan: U.N

The political representative of the United Nations in Kabul released its first ever report about the national unity government measures in the fight against corruption.
According to (DID) press agency report, Tadamichi Yamamoto, the U.N secretary-general’s special representative for Afghanistan vowed during a press conference that billions of international community dollars have been squandered in Afghanistan due to impunity culture.
Although, the measures of the heads of the national unity government have been helpful in reducing corruption, but the aid has not been effective as that much,” He declared in the press conference.

“Corruption has been one of the biggest challenges on the way of peace and sustainable development in Afghanistan,” the U.N secretary-general’s special representative for Afghanistan asserted.
But he stressed that the United Nations has prepared a long-term strategy to back the government of Afghanistan which urgent measures have to be taken for the implementation.
Meanwhile, the ministry of justice welcomed the publication of U.N report on Afghanistan.

“The ministry of justice will soon take a new law to combat the corruption,” Abdul Basir Anwar, the justice minister said.
Despite the efforts and actions of the national unity government, but corruption is one of the biggest challenges after insecurity against the people of Afghanistan, which the continuous situation has faced the people with many challenges.

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