Corruption has No place in Army: defense minister

General Abdullah Habibi, defense minister of the country urged soldiers and officials of the national army to cooperate with the ministry, disclosing corrupts, during his visit from Balkh province.
According to (DID) news agency report, Gen. Abdullah Habibi, country’s defense minister who traveled to Balkh to evaluate the security status of north and northeast, said that corruption has no place in the national army of the country and soon the hands of the corrupt must be cut from the department of defense.
He asked the soldiers and officials of the national army to help the authorities through showing and disclosing the names of the corrupt, in order to root out corruption in the national army.

The defense minister considered last year, a year of achievements with the enemy’s failure
“We are 70 percent superior to the enemy, comparing to last year; but 1396 will be a challenging year.” He added.
General Mohmand Katawazai, commander of 209 Shahin Corp besides presenting Corp’s function, said that 108 anti-government armed oppositions were killed and 116 others wounded and 3 others were captured since the beginning of this year, in 9 provinces which are related to the Corp.
General Taj Mohammad Jahid, interior minister also traveled to Balkh and reported about the four-year security plan, in order to equip country’s security forces while defense minister visited the province at the same time.

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