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You Curb Balkh – Ghani to U.S embassy

The recognition and prediction of ARG’s think tank, was that the created gap will be the beginning of many collapses;

All programs were successfully implemented until targeting Balkh province. ARG’s think tank, where more than 100 foreign advisers are busy working day and night, have devised plans well so far, then those plans were implemented and responded well; the way of working in this tank, is to displace the person in different situation like a chess piece, and on the other side of the table, there are sophisticated opponents that play “tricks” by assisting each other. The degree of vulnerability, failure, to be checkmated and to checkmate are repeatedly tested. Eventually, until they do not become certain, they will not do anything. The plan to fire Ahmad Zia Massoud, the president’s senior adviser to reform and good governance came out from the same think tank and was implemented. The story of the second vice president Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum in two complicated rounds, was devised by the same room, and surprisingly margined him as he himself does not know when this magic will end.

During the breath-taking meetings between Mr. Ghani and John Kerry, the presence of Ata M. Noor within the national unity government (NUG) was one of the most time-consuming topics and interestingly during the four hour visit between him and Dr. Abdullah, Mr. Noor was also one of the main and controversial axes of the discussion.

In parallel with signing a political agreement, the United States had proposed that we want to pay the full cost of Reform and Convergence team’s election campaign; on the condition that the role of Dr. Abdullah’s top supporters in the NUG should be diminished. I do not give details on the suggestion in this note that how where it led to. The government began its work based on the agreement, and ordered ARG’s think tank to marginalize Mr. Noor and his allies. The first step was to limit authorities of the executive directorate. It was believed that, when Dr. Abdullah failed to meet the demands his supporters, they eventually became angry and furious and put the executive body under pressure. Ultimately, relations between the Reform and the Convergence team will become cloudy, in that case, some part of the game – which was to undermine this faction – will be fulfilled. Now, let alone the executive body had any aristocrats or interference in this game or not, or could this body prevent the implementation of such plan by managing it well?
But sadly, that gap was created and we are not looking for the guilty one; because on the one hand, it is too late and on the other, all are observing and know well who chose power and left behind their people and supporters.

The recognition and prediction of ARG’s think tank, was that the created gap will be the beginning of many collapses; but had forgotten the possible formation of the “National Coalition’s high council for the Salvation of Afghanistan.” the unity of three important political parties of Afghanistan, Hezb-e Jamiat, Wahdat, and Junbish, shocked them. They actually saw themselves within the same trap, they had spread, and now, they must find a new way to ..

Making Dostum’s case hot, banning the plane carrying him, lobbying and the reverse publication of the mentioned Coalition in many American journals and … were the recipe implemented one by one but did not have the wanted advantages.

Eventually, for two months, the think tank was disappointedly busy preparing a sixty pages report about Ata M. Noor and submitted to decision-making bodies of America. This sentence was repeated eleven times with different phrases: “he (Mr. Noor) is out of control.” Parallel to this report, Mr. Noor’s visit from Herat, and then his participation in the Kandahar summit, were the other issues remained intact and added later. The think tank eventually concluded that it now has U.S support and the executive directorate officially announced the approval of removing Ata M. Noor as governor of Balkh province, so there is nothing to worry about. There will be a few demonstration and protest, then silence! But after announcing such decision, it confronted with a massive wave of people from different parts of Afghanistan and the fierce support of political leaders, parliamentarians, countless social and cultural groups and … they just found themselves in a false position and that the story is not such simple.

In the meantime, German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel came to Kabul and told Ashraf Ghani: “if the internal and political tensions (which meant confrontation of ARG with Balkh) rose up, you should know that Germany has no reason to continue its troop presence in Afghanistan.”

Subsequently, if meddling possible, Annie Pforzheimer, the deputy Chief of Mission in Kabul, was obliged to meet with heads of Jamiat Islami party, then Jamiat party introduced her to its political committee and Abdul Sattar Murad, who was chairing the committee discussed with her.
Mr. Murad briefly expressed Jamiat’s stance in support of Mr. Noor, opposing ARG’s decision and warned about the consequences of the government’s resistance.
“Hezb-e Jamiat demands the full implementation of the political agreement and bringing fundamental reforms to the entire national unity government,” he said.
Ms. Pforzheimer in this meeting called for a third plan (the details of the third plan is still intimate) and Mr. Murad noted that we have no plan other than backing up Mr. Noor. The government must review its incorrect decision.

This comes as the U.S ambassador to Kabul told Afghan foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani, “We are not interested in interfering in internal affairs of the national unity government.”

Meanwhile, a circle close to the president has hard-working nights, and political figures appear behind the door when the air is dark to persuade Mr. Noor through his friends and those close to him, to accept ARG’s decision. Mr. Eklil Hakimi is responsible to manage the night meetings in capital Kabul.

In the latest case, reports indicate that Ashraf Ghani has told U.S embassy in Kabul that he made the decision with the support of them and now, it is up to them (U.S embassy) to save him from this dispute. On the other hand, he has ordered a delegation to secretly go to Balkh province and visit Mr. Noor behind closed doors. Now, the ball is at the field of Jamiat and its allies, it depends on their players to succeed in this complicated game – which a hundred foreign advisers are involved in it; such thing happens when Hezb-e Jamiat also would have a plan and strategy and should not forget that one always loses in conversation and we live in a dialogue arena.

Writer: Yasin Negah
Translated by Taher Mojab

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