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Distributing E-ID cards Not Legitimate/ I am Not Partner in this Decision: Abdullah

Hours after launching the process of E-ID cards by president Ghani and some high-level government officials, the CEO of NUG Abdullah opposed the decision, calling the president’s decree illegitimate during a press conference in Kabul.
“I am not a partner of this decision and it will further differences,” Mr Abdullah emphasized. “Without solving the legal issues of the cards, the distribution process will divide the national unity government and affects the security.”
Mr Abdullah asserted that he disagrees with the presidency and it was a unilateral decision.
“What would people tell us if we were to ask people about their priorities? All of them would tell us: Security, better services, good governance, election. Why would we start a process right now that isn’t only the priority but, something that divide the nation,” he underlined.

On the other hand, the chief executive officer pointed out the upcoming presidential election next year, saying that the executive directorate would likely to run for election at the same time as the presidency.

He also proposed another option, according to which, the executive directorate would be included within the political system of the country and gain legitimacy in the electoral process by modifying the constitution.

Mr. Abdullah, however, did not further explain about his candidacy or participation in the presidential election.

It is worth mentioning that the executive directorate and some political parties had previously opposed to the distributing E-ID cards.

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