Electronic ID cards to begin with insertion of ethnic groups

The law amendment of population registration to distribute electronic identification (ID) cards has been signed by the president, Muhammad Ashraf Ghani.
According to (DID) news agency report, the office of the second vice president through publishing a newsletter said that today (March 2nd) cabinet morning session was held, headed president Ghani and the draft amendment law of population registration regarding article 6th in relation to ID cards distribution approved and was signed by the president.
It has come in the newsletter that article 6th of population registration is about registering people’s characteristics in the electronic identification cards, that just “Afghan” word were registered as the nationality of all country’s citizens, but the article adjusting the law signed by the president today, in addition to individual characteristics and Afghan word as nationality, people’s ethnicity will be mentioned in electronic ID cards too.

The office of the second vice president stressed that with the president’s legislative decree signed the amendment article 6th of the population registration, eliminates impedimenta on the way of electronic ID cards and the distribution will begin soon.

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