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Eliminating Other Ethnic Groups from E-ID cards Sign of Prejudice within Government: Sayed Mahdi Anwari

The secretary-general of Hezb-e Harakat-e Islami Milli of Afghanistan and the chairman of “Sayed Hussain Anwari” foundation on Sunday in response to not inserting other ethnic groups, especially Sadat ethnicity in new E-ID cards, during a press conference, said: “eliminating other ethnic groups from the E-ID cards is a sign of prejudice and discrimination within the National Unity Government.”
“Afghanistan is the home of all Afghans and all ethnic groups are brothers and equal, but eliminating one or some ethnicity from the E-ID cards is the peak of prejudice and discrimination,” said Sayed Mahdi Anwari. “It was our expectation and the community’s requirement that one inclusive identity be defined for all citizens in the new cards so that all the people of Afghanistan could be motivated towards nation-building.”

“The NUG reverses everything and distributes E-ID cards based on ethnic divisions and the definition of 14 ethnicities listed in the constitution,” Mr. Anwari added.

Officials at the department of distributing ID cards announced that only 14 ethnicities mentioned in the constitution are inserted in E-ID cards and other ethnic groups must receive ID cards (Tazkira) under the name of these 14 ethnic groups.
“The other ethnic groups rationally, scientifically, and legally have the right to insert their identity in new E-ID cards,” the secretary general of Harakat-e Islami-e Milli party said.
“I ask from the president that is he ready to receive ID card with another ethnic group and deal with his several hundred-year identities. Of course, he will not. So, eliminating other ethnic groups is not right,” Mr Anwari said.
Mr. Anwari called on the president to address the community’s demands and the citizen’s will. In order to consolidate and paraphrase national unity, distribute E-ID cards with global standards and strengthen national morale and avoid ethnic segregation which causes ethnic division.
“Inserting Sadat ethnicity and other ethnic groups in E-ID cards will not increase the problems, but an initial for brotherhood and equality among the ethnic groups,” Anwari said.

The secretary-general of Hezb-e Harakat-e Islami-e Milli of Afghanistan called on the leaders of the government to insert Sadat ethnicity and other ethnic groups in E-ID cards in order to strengthen the process of democracy.

The secretary general of Harakat-e Islami party further said: “election is a core but it faces serious challenges in Afghanistan as people have lost trust about this national major process.
Anwari called on the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to provide people with the necessary information about enrollment through various means so that the nation participates in the national process.

Mr Anwari urged from the people to massively participate in the election and make their destiny through a national process.

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