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A soldier to president:

For You; Afghanistan Means 200 Square Meters of Land inside ARG

Mr. president! Do you know, what status they have created, those who became generals in the security council, having only six months experience.

“Give my message to the president,” is a letter from an unknown soldier who wanted to tell ARG palace about his confides, difficulties, and cowardice done to his rights.
The following texts are the soldier’s letter:
Give my message to the resident!
Hello Mr. President!
Do you know? How does it feel sleeping on sands, hungry and bared, among horrors and in the arms of death?
no, how should you know! When you live in the palace. When you installed security checkpoints thousand meters away from your home. When hundreds of equipped forces provide your security. When you use your clothes only once and your bed is the most comfortable one.
How do you understand the feelings of a soldier?

Mr. president! Do you know, what status they have created, those who became generals in the security council, having only six months experience, and you yourself appointed them at key posts with high salaries.
No, how should you know!
When no coffins come at your door. When you do not have any neighbor to see how the wife of a soldier, his homeless children, brothers, and sisters are suffering.
Mr. president! I am a soldier. The one who is condemned to death.
The one who does not have the right to have a holiday, being beside his family.
The one who lives among bullets and bombs for months.
The one whose corps is sent to his house like a box of orange.

Mr. president! Do you know, how many soldiers are martyred in the geography of your ruling?
Do you know, how a mother feels when she sees her shattered child?
No, how should you know?
How should you feel the pain of that mother? When stone-hearted people surrounded you that nothing is important for them, except money and position.
When your children are not only in line with armed forces, they are not even in Afghanistan.

Mr. president! Do you know, what does it mean being a soldier and holding a fortress?
No, how should you know!
When you spent your youth time in Lebanon, then Europe and America. For you, now Afghanistan is just a 200 square meters inside ARG.
Mr. president! Do you know that you have lost 457 soldiers of the administration just in the last two weeks?

Do you know, hundreds of teenagers, who once served in the ranks of the armed forces, are now undergoing paralysis, mental affairs, physical disadvantages, having bad times, and have been burdened by their families?
Mr. president! How do you feel the pain of a soldier who buried 65 of his friends last year? When your friends are all in secure places. Each of them had a lot better youth-time than me you, with thousands of (unfulfilled) ambitions.
Mr. president! Do you know, the salary of an employee of the ministry of finance is equal to the salary of 21 soldiers, while having three times dish with fully equipped offices, having air conditioner and heater, but a soldier does not have enough food to eat.

Mr. president! The death of soldiers has become something common, like the makeup of governmental officials and the lies of politicians.
Mr. president! You rule by my name, the businesspersons deal with my blood, lawyers have taken over our positions, ranks and medals are on sale based on relationships, the media outlets are seeking interesting news about our situation, and we became soldiers of the game, a game for power, wealth, and some traitors.
Mr. president! Have you ever drunk tea inside bullet cans?
Have you ever watched the death of your friends instead of watching Hollywood films?
Mr. president! I cannot write about those pains that you laugh at in front of the media.

Yours sincerely!
Afghan national army soldier
Translated by Taher Mojab

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