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Germany is sponsor of terrorism: Erdogan

Turkey president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan charged Germany for helping and sheltering terrorists.
Turkey’s president, accused Berlin for helping and harboring terrorists, following verbal tensions with Germany. Quoted from foreign media.

The harsh statements came after, Germany officials canceled three anticipated advertising meetings about reform of Turkey’s constitution in Germany.
Constitution reform that prepare the grounds for strengthening power of Erdogan is scheduled to be voted on, in the referendum of April 16th.
Tensions between Berlin and Ankara that began after the attempted coup of June in Turkey, especially after detaining “Deniz Yujil”, Turkish – German correspondent of Germany’s (Dei Welt) newspaper has intensified over alleged “promoting terrorism” in Turkey.

It can be said that Erdogan described Yujil as “PKK representative” and “German agent”, speaking Friday.
In the meantime, Angela Merkel, German chancellor has complained about Yujil arrestment, defended from “criticizing of press freedom violation” in Turkey.
On the other hand, dozens of Turkish diplomat fled to Germany from the fear of arrest and prosecution and asked for refuge.
The German government has agreed to accept many of these diplomats.

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