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Government seeks to restrict the access right to Info

Nai-supporting open media in Afghanistan-obtained documents which it shows the newly approved law of cybercrimes will impose a restriction on freedom of expression in Afghanistan.
The government intends to restrict the access to information in the country, using the articles of this law, Mujib Khalwatgar, chairman of Nai said.
He besides considering many parts of the new law which are signed by the president, added: “the government is trying to suppress its oppositions in this way.”
“The government should use its full potential to reduce cybercrimes, rather than curbing the area for those who seek to make good use of this space,” Nai director asserted.
“The government should not restrict cyberspace and access to information by using the tools it has,” Khalwatgar told DID press agency.
The recent Afghan penal law was approved by the president in two pages, which the internet or cybercrimes are on the second page.

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