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IEC Provides Ground for Fraud/ 6 Million Not Enrolled for Election

The statistics released on 13 June by the Election Commission is a big hit, and no one will believe.

The low attendance of people at Voter Registration centers has been a major concern for the upcoming election. Presidential interference in the work of the Election Commission, lack of independence of the commission and insecurity are among the reasons why the people of Afghanistan have shown little enthusiasm for the election.

The parliamentary and districts elections are scheduled to be held on 20 October 2018.
The chairman of the election commission told the media that 6 million people have registered themselves for the election.
The statistics announced by the election commission means that a democratic body responsible to hold the election in cooperation with the government of Afghanistan is trying a massive and organized fraud.
The election commission – which has lost trust in the public opinion – has repeatedly experienced such action, making people reluctant to the electoral process. The result of the fraud is not covered by anyone. The formation of National Unity Government is the result of fraud by the election commission.

The election commission had published such figure in 2014 presidential election, then, it became clear that the commission carried out a massive fraud, using the same figure.

The statistics released on 13 June by the Election Commission is a big hit, and no one will believe that in the presence of insecurity and the lack of presence of people in the registration centers, how six million people registered for the upcoming elections.

DID press agency which publishes a daily report about the election process, has repeatedly visited the registration centers in northern Balkh province – which is a secure province – and founded out that people’s presence for the election has been really concerning.
According to reports, the poling centers have been blocked on voters in various parts of the country due to the terrorist movement. In such status, how could six million people have registered so far?

The election commission does not publish the voter statistics every day. This indicates that the body is seeking to hide some facts. On the one hand, by telling such a big lie, the commission is pushing to compensate the poor attendance of voters at registration centers. On the other hand, it wants to obtain its prestige and credibility among the people.
Earlier, the election commission had announced that it has printed 18 million stickers used for the October 20 election. Printing 18 million sticker itself points out that the commission is thinking about another scandal.

DID press agency has achieved documents that one person had gone to the registration centers with hundreds of national ID cards (tazkira) and installed stickers in the absence of their owners. This comes as the commission says it is impossible to install stickers on tazkiras in the absence of their owners.
The fabrication of tazkira has also been reported on several occasions. There is no doubt the Election Commission has installed these 18 million stickers on this false tazkira or will do. Some sources are worried, saying the presidency has provided the ground for fraud in the presidential election scheduled for 2019.

In all, it is expected that the political parties and election observers will be aware of the election commission works and will not allow this discredited body to create a disaster once again.

Akhtar Suhail – (DID) press agency
Translated by Zaher Mahjob

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