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Insecurity, Huge Obstacle for Development in Afghanistan

There is no doubt the mentioned barriers are closely related and have a cause and effect. That is, each of the obstacles, is the effect of another.

Development is not just economic development, but theoreticians consider development as a means to empower and expand the material and spiritual capacities of a community. It means that a developed society is the one when it has improved in the fields of culture, social, politics, economy, communication, psychological and. Economic development is said to be a small development in its broad sense.

The mentioned components have many concepts and elements. To accomplish development in these dimensions, many options should be considered and choose the right ways.

Among the transition methods from an underdeveloped society to a developed one, paying attention to factors and barriers to development is very important. With this approach, it can be said that Afghanistan is an underdeveloped country and there are many obstacles in the way of development.
These obstacles are as follows:
Cultural barriers
Political barriers
Social barriers
Economic barriers
Security barriers and …

There is no doubt the mentioned barriers are closely related and have a cause and effect. That is, each of the obstacles, is the effect of another obstacle. For this, analyzing them requires expert attention and more time. However, in this short article, we will only address the security barrier that is more important than ever before.

Security is one of the major concerns and necessity of the people of Afghanistan. This factor has caused disparities and problems in various areas for the people of this country. Insecurity has endangered the right to live in this territory, and it may be wasting in many parts of Afghanistan. Insecurity in Afghanistan has internal and external factors. Institutions, countries, and foreign and internal hands behind the curtains to obtain their interests, have made the country insecure. This is not exceptional, as all countries are faced with this problem, but powerful and strong governments consider the solution to the problem.

Since the aim of this article is not reviewing the insecurity factors; it will answer this question that how insecurity cause backwardness and is a barrier to development in Afghanistan. The answer is clear and it can be expressed in several numbers.

Insecurity makes the people and government not to have long-term investments. Ignoring the basic economic causes will weaken the economy of the people and force them to beg from foreigners. In this respect, insecurity can be a major obstacle to economic development.

Culturally, insecurity undermines the education system, worries students and professors, and disrupts the scientific and social research process. Insecurity makes people stop cultural debates, saving their lives. From this perspective, insecurity is also a special enemy of culture.

Politically, insecurity root-out political participation. This issue itself is one of the key factors in undermining democracy and ultimately strengthens organized corruption and lack of transparency in society. The lack of political participation eliminates supervisory system and organizations cannot meet the needs of citizens to resolve their problems.

Sayed Abdul Basir Mesbah – Baghlan university professor and communication researcher
Translated by Taher Mojab

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