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Insecurity in Ghazni’s Malistan Displaced over 3000 Families

Over 3000 families have been displaced in central Ghazni’s Malistan district due to escalation of insecurity and more than 40 civilians were shot to death by the Taliban.

Families of the martyred, wounded, displaced, and war survivors of Ghazni’s Malistan district expressed their concerns about the situation of displaced people during a press conference in capital Kabul on Sunday morning.
According to them, over 3000 families have been displaced.
“More than 40 people were killed during an attack by the Taliban insurgents in Malistan district. The victims are military and civilians, including women and children,” said Mina Naderi, a member of civil society and a resident of Malistan district.

According to her, after seizing control of the district, the Taliban committed war crimes and opened fire on civilians who were not involved in the fighting. They have destroyed and looted shops.

“Hundreds of families, mostly women, and children, have fled their homes and moved to Kabul and neighboring (provinces) and are in dire conditions. More than 3,000 have been displaced,” said Asif Sahar, another resident of Malistan district.
He added that the widespread presence of the Taliban in the district had led to the cessation of the administrative and health services amid the COVID pandemic.

Malistan internal displaced people called on international human rights organizations to stop Taliban war crimes by supporting them.
It is worth mentioning that the Taliban captured the Malistan district earlier this month.

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