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ISI chief meeting with Opposition Leaders is Maneuver against Taliban – Experts

Pakistan’s ISI chief General Nadim Anjum has recently met anti-Taliban political leaders Ata Mohammad Noor, General Dostum, and Mohammad Mohaqeq in Turkey, according to reports.

Experts believe such meetings are attempts by Pakistan to increase pressure on the Taliban rather than mediating talks.
Sayed Jawad Hussaini, a political commenter, told that Islamabad is not satisfied with the Taliban due to border issues and supports Pakistani Taliban enjoy from Afghan Taliban.

“Pakistan believes the Afghan Taliban are cooperating with the Pakistani Taliban, so it [Islamabad] is trying to use [Afghan] political forces with military background as a pressure against the Taliban,” Hussaini said.
According to him, Pakistan is also seeking influence on certain Taliban factions so that they can address Islamabad’s concerns in the future.

Meanwhile, Sayed Mohammad Baqer Mohseni, a political analyst, told that since the Taliban takeover, Pakistan has been trying to form a Taliban-centered government in Afghanistan but such optimism was not materialized.

“Pakistan and the Taliban has been in close contacts during the past 20 years. However, after the formation of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the Taliban have not been able to meet Pakistan’s needs. So, Islamabad is seeking more pressure,” said Mohseni.

According to him, given the current situation of Afghanistan, the political leaders have to negotiate and find a framework to reach an agreement with the Taliban.
“The current situation is unacceptable to the Afghan people and if the Taliban will not change the status favourably, the people’s hatret might turn into a protest,” he added.

Mr Mohseni believes that Pakistan is not seeking a mono-ethnic government in Afghanistan, but a Taliban-centered government is one of Islamabad’s demands.


Rasoul Shahzad - Didpress Agency

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