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Jerusalem is dignity & honor of Muslims: Turkish president

Turkish president during “Quds institutions” conference declared that Jerusalem is the first Kiblah of Muslims, the city of prophets, privacy, dignity, and honor of Muslims.
According to (DID) news agency report; Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish president speaking at the meeting of “Jerusalem institutions” stressed that “Jerusalem” the first Kiblah of Muslims and the city of prophets, is the privacy, dignity, and honor of the world’s Muslims. Quoted from (Anatoly).
“According to our commitments to Jerusalem; whether for ideological and historical heritage, we give importance to our Palestinian brothers in the fight for justice and rights,” Mr. Erdogan said.
“We try that Quds become the city of peace and security again, he stressed.

“Peace and permanent stability in the region is not possible without a just resolution of the Palestinian issue. The Israeli government must be committed to laws and decisions of international organizations,” Turkish president said.
“No one is above the law and rights, but unfortunately for Palestine issue, just superpowers rights are respected, not Palestinians’ rights,” Erdogan added.
“The draft plan to ban Adhan [call to prayer] from the loud speakers of Jerusalem in occupied Quds is still awaiting approval in the house of Israel.” He asserted.

“The bill to ban the Adhan [call to prayer] is pending in the Israeli parliament,” Erdogan said. “It is disgraceful for those who lecture us about the freedom of religion to turn a blind eye to this attempt. Turkey will not let these attempts against freedom of belief to prevail.”
Turkish president addressed to Israeli officials, and said that if a race is not certain about their faith and religion, why they fear and worry about the religion and sect of others? We as Muslims are not worried because our faith in our religion is complete.

“I once again say to Israeli politicians from this place; if you believe in your religion, why you are afraid of freedom of religion for Muslims and Adhan [call to prayer] from loudspeakers?” Erdogan underlined.
It should be noted that a while ago, Israeli government wanted to approve a decree which it had limited the broadcast of Adhan [call to prayer] from the loudspeakers of mosques in Gaza.

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