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Marshal Fahim; steady and warrior great man

Three years have passed from the absence of a man that everyone admits his empty place in political equations. Afghanistan’s Marshal passed away three years ago. Marshal, just shut his eyes from this world when his nation was in the hardest test transition from one political stage to the other. In those days a group of political analysts stated his death an irreversible lesion and incident, in that fragile time. It was said in those days that absence of Marshal, will make a democratic and transparent transition from one political process to the other difficult, because in such condition someone that can ask common goodness instead of his personal tastes and interests and force everyone into an agreement, is no longer with us; because someone who always preferred political stability of Afghanistan than any other groups, was Afghanistan’s Marshal.

He was managing critical situation easily, there was none to speak over him, young and elders of Mujahidin and other political people heard him, with friendly and determined word did not let anyone to make a mistake that harms Afghanistan. In many cases sacrificed himself, but prevent from prejudice to the reputation and dignity of Afghanistan’s people. He did not damage his political rivals, even when he was inactivity. He did not take any hatred of those who had isolated him. Did not talk too much, but acting seriously. Greet his remote friends and helped them in various status. His famous sayings are in our memories. When he was bored, called on those who wanted to meet their desires to build Afghanistan’s political structure, “unless, we will not be alive that you do whatever you want.”

Afghanistan’s Marshal just passed away when his words carried out. Once closed his eyes, balance of power and political games changed. Our people did not have such decisive son, like Marshal to say: “we do not let whoever do whatever they want.” Incidents and occurrences after Marshal Fahim, are clear. We have seen how Marshal’s place remain empty in big equations of Afghanistan and unfortunately it is still empty.

Three years ago, the people of Afghanistan bid farewell to a son that Helmand’s soil did not differ with Badakhshan’s ruby to him. Bid farewell to a son that did not have a bit of prejudice from anyone in his heart. The one that when came to power, cared for dignity, honor and even enemies. Did not allow anyone to take revenge from Afghanistan’s ethnicities under the name of this and that. Forgave those who had burnt northern grapes, the time entered Kabul, because he knew that the enemy of Afghanistan is not just four deceived Taliban. Those days traveled to various provinces and urged from the people to replace hatred with unity and integration and participate in rebuilding Afghanistan. The son who built new national army and honored as the founder of Afghanistan’s new army and defense minister of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He was never arrogant when achieved the highest military rank, which was ‘Marshal’ and knew it belongs to all of his strong-holders and martyrs of Jihad and resistance and in general pride of Afghanistan’s people. The one who worked on re-trust among the people of Afghanistan and did not allow created opportunities to be victims of ethnic monopolies and regional biases. Three years ago, we lost the one that had active role in creating new establishment in Afghanistan. Dear Marshal, your place is still empty after three years you left.

With all of these, but our belief is this, as country’s Marshal had said about Ahmad Shah Masuod, national hero of Afghanistan in one of his speech that human mission in the points of history is certain up to a time. So, those who had a mission and responsibility on social destiny of people, went to the Almighty Allah with dignity. Honest children of this soil, placed their last sincerity seal on the soil, with their glory deaths on the universe as memorial, those who, according to Professor Khalilullah Khalili:
“Man do not die with death, death call his name
When name become eternal, it never die”

We believe this way, remained generation from intellectual processes and struggles of the people of Afghanistan, today will continue their elders’ path in a different way. As our elders have stated continuing struggle and political life requires youth pen instead of their weapon, with this hope and emphasis on this issue, we will go forward and do not miss burners of thinking and way of elders in this dark path test.
From the introduction of book; “Empty place of Marshal”

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