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McMaster should offer real security threats to White-House: Gen. Murad

McMaster should offer real security threats to White-House: Gen. Murad
Today morning (Sunday), America’s first high-level delegation led by Herbert McMaster, the U.S national security adviser arrived in Kabul, after Donald Trump took office.
According to (DID) news agency report, Gen. Murad Ali Murad, deputy head of staff of the Afghan national army, in relation to America’s national security adviser’s visit from Kabul, said that he will inspect the increasing number of U.S troops in Afghanistan, training, equipping, funding Afghan military and security status of Afghanistan in his visit.
Mr. Murad at a press conference told the media that the senior U.S official traveled to Kabul to assess the security status in Afghanistan and he will provide a real image of security threats for the White-House.
Deputy chief of staff of national defense ministry stressed that this critical condition requires that Kabul-Washington fulfill their responsibilities to fight against scaremongering, according to the security agreement.
The senior official of the ministry of the national defense welcomed the U.S attack with a non-nuclear bomb in Achin district of Nangarhar province and underlined that America showed that they are serious against terror groups with its attack and will fight against them.
He warned all terror groups in Afghanistan that any possible weapons will be used to eliminate these groups, specially Daesh (ISIS).
However, it is scheduled that tomorrow (Monday), America’s national security adviser will assess the security threats at a meeting with Afghan generals of the ministry of defense.

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