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Netanyahu Faces New Corruption Suspicion

Israeli PM Netanyahu is said to be involved in another corruption case.

Israeli PM Netanyahu is said to be involved in another corruption case.
According to Israeli Attorney General he should have procured benefits for a media company – in return for a favor.
The pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu continues to increase: The Israeli Attorney General’s Office suspects the Prime Minister to play a role in another corruption case .
The idea was to “set up a website for better reporting,” said Judith Tirosch of the Attorney General’s Office in a Tel Aviv court. In return, there were legal benefits from the Ministry of Communications, the then-Minister of Communications – Netanyahu himself – and the Director-General of the Ministry.

According to Spiegel, Last week, Israeli media reported that Netanyahu and some of Israel ‘s biggest telecommunications company Bezeq and its news site “Walla” were said to have provided economic benefits. In return, there should be a positive coverage of Netanyahu and his family. The head of government denies all allegations.
The new case is Tirosch’s “very serious case of bribery and bribery,” the prosecutor said. The benefits given to the company Bezeq would have amounted to up to a billion shekels (about 233 million euros).

After a good one-year investigation, Israel’s police had already two weeks ago a prosecution for corruption against Netanyahu recommended . Sufficient evidence of bribery, fraud, and infidelity had been collected in two other cases, it said. A final decision on an indictment must be made by the prosecutor. Netanyahu dismissed the allegations as “absurd”. He hopes for a win at the next election.

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