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Noor’s Political Convoy Moving on Right Path

In other words, the three official, from the president to the chief executive and Balkh governor are agreed as power equation, and changing this equation means the collapse of a national unity government.

It is fair to say that Ustad Ata M. Noor’s Sunday rhetoric among his fans in Balkh province, was different from any point of view compared with his past speeches, both in terms of political literature, content, and movement in the great social and political highway of Afghanistan.

It is believed at least five key elements posed in his words:
1) It seems that he is moving forward more determined, courageous, informed and more sophisticated in line with Afghan people’s aspiration than the past, and the threats of the amateur US ambassador to Kabul did not have much effect on his will.

2) Noor’s diplomatic literature is admired compared with the non-diplomatic and threatening literature of the US ambassador. In addition, he reminded the qualification of an ambassador – even the supreme power and ARG’s supporter – with diplomatic language to the US selfish ambassador which is appreciated again. Reminding the fundamentals of the constitution and the political agreement of the national unity government, the qualification of the president for the amateur ambassador, was a good political lesson. Most importantly, retelling the unavoidable destiny of the previous superpower invaders in Afghanistan will be a historical informative lesson for the arrogant ambassador not to move beyond his diplomatic qualification in the complicated Afghan society.
I believe the US embassy translators have been able to translate the calm, diplomatic, and purposeful rhetoric of Mr. Noor to the newcomer ambassador of the United States. This comes as the charlatans of ARG palace expected to “make the water muddy and catch their fish” by the harsh reaction of Mr. Noor against the US ambassador, but they failed in this game as well.

3) Noor’s rhetoric was very important in terms of scope of vision and strategic perspective.
This time, he outlined a short-term and long-term road map and an approach with ARG. One of the options is the “Green and Orange movement” which was raised during the campaign against the electoral fraud, but was not implemented due to lack of endurance and courage of Dr. Abdullah. These movements expected to become practical as powerful tactical tools in the current situation and force the arrogant and totalitarian people to satisfy the interests of the entire country.

4) Mr. Noor’s words also have political importance in terms of political participation of groups and parties in line with reforms, democracy, and future election. This comes as, during past weeks, Balkh governor put the destiny of himself, Balkh province and all forces who supported him across the country in deals with some invaluable posts and negotiations of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami with ARG palace.
But now, Mr. Noor speaks of all-inclusive and pro-justice and balance-of-power.

5) Perhaps the most important part of Noor’s rhetoric was that his dismissal is equivalent to the dismissal of the agreed president and chief executive based on the political agreement. Regardless of the fact that ARG is not committed to the political agreement, but one accept or not, the national unity government is the product of this political agreement. In other words, the three official, from the president to the chief executive and Balkh governor are agreed as power equation, and changing this equation means the collapse of a national unity government.

Therefore, the dismissal or resignation of the Balkh settled governor is conditional upon the dismissal or resignation of the settled president and the chief executive. In addition, the dismissal and resignation issue of Balkh governor Ata M. Noor does not include the agenda of talks between Jamiat-e Islami and ARG palace.

According to the writer, Ata M. Noor has now crossed the stage of reaction slogans and non-diplomatic literature. He has crossed the boundaries of a powerful resourceful governor, posing as a powerful and promising leader nationwide with getting the unprecedented support of the people from every spectrum in the country. Hence, he is expected to have comprehensive slogans and actions with needed management.

Abdul Tawwab Bustani – Britain
Translated by Taher Mojab

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