Not to compete with U.S over Afghanistan affairs

The Russian ambassador in Kabul says that Moscow does not work secretly in Afghanistan and it does not intend to compete with America, over Afghanistan’s affairs, too.
Alexander Mantytskiy, the Russian ambassador in Kabul vowed during a press conference that Moscow does not help any group in Afghanistan, but Russia’s support for peace talks does not mean competing with the U.S.A.
“Moscow knows Taliban as a political movement and therefore, Moscow’s contacts with the Taliban is to establish peace talks. The solution to Afghanistan’s challenges is just negotiations, not a military option.” Mr. Mantytskiy added.

Russian ambassador clearly announced that contacts of the countries with the Taliban do not have any problem, even China has communication with the Taliban. As Americans had closed-door negotiations with Taliban group in Afghanistan a few years ago until five Taliban prisoners were released from Guantanamo.
“Russia is ready to act against terror groups, especially Daesh group in a joint battle with America in Afghanistan.” He said.
Mr. Mantytskiy expressed concerns about a number of terrorist fighters, especially Islamic movement of Uzbekistan who pledged allegiance with Daesh group in the north of Afghanistan. These groups seriously threaten Russia’s security from northern Afghanistan.

Daesh (ISIS) fighters try to enter Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq and these challenges require to start joint cooperation in the fight against these groups. According to the Russian ambassador.
However, Russia embassy in Kabul severely criticized America and NATO military presence in Afghanistan and their fight against scaremongering groups is not successful.

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