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Pakistan Must Not Consider Radical Elements as “Wealth” after this: Khalilzad

Former US ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad has said Pakistani military and intelligence services should not assume radical elements as wealth after this, but rather, should consider these elements as a ‘weak point.’
“I do not think the United States has a long patience and will not push much pressure on Pakistan,” said Mr. Khalilzad, adding that it is time for Pakistan to carry out a house-cleaning.

According to VOA, the American diplomat in a televised interview expressed that the US and the Afghan government are urging a practical change in Pakistan’s policies on the issue of terrorism and their safe havens in the country.
Relations between Islamabad and Washington became tense after the announcement of a new US strategy on Afghanistan and south Asia, in which Pakistan has been accused of creating safe havens for terrorists.

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