Pakistan Not have right to Block transit routes

Officials of ministry of commerce and industries (MoCI) says that today (April 6th), will express the protests of Afghanistan about blocking transit routes by Pakistan, for the second time, in a meeting with members of World trade organization (WTO).
Minister of commerce and industries stressed that with the closure of transit routes, Afghanistan and Pakistan businessmen have faced with many challenges and requires Afghanistan and Pakistan, to keep open the transit routes to each other.

On the other hand, Ahmad Tawfiq Delawari, deputy head of Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and industries, expressed concerns about the rise of food materials prices.
The official of chamber of commerce and industries underlined that the price of food materials have been doubled, after the closure of transit routes and this shows that Afghanistan’s markets have the worst status.
It is noteworthy that the transit routes of Pakistan have been blocked to Afghan traders for more than a month, as a result, Pakistan traders have also suffered a lot.

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