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Photo and Handicrafts Exhibition Held in Bamiyan

A photo and handicrafts exhibition was launched in the center of Bamiyan province amid the opening of 9th Silk Road festival.
The exhibition was held yesterday, attended by local officials and a number of domestic and foreign tourists.
The artists that most of whom were ladies, showcased their handicrafts and local products during a ceremony.
Halima Rezayee, one of the artists in Bamiyan, considered such festivals important for marketing handicrafts in the province, and added: “holding such ceremonies introduce Bamiyan’s native art and culture at national and international levels and increase and restore their products.”
Zahra, is another woman, who brought her handicraft to the exhibition.
She also considers holding such festivals and programs for selling their products important, and calls on the government to pay more attention on handicrafts and to establish a clear and bigger market to enhance their business and marketing.
The photo exhibition is another part of the program that domestic and foreign artists showcased their photos there.

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