Plan to distribute electronic ID cards to be ready in 10 days

Presidency obliged a working group to check the proposal of distributing electronic ID cards and give the plan to ARG presidency within 10 days.
According to (DID) news agency report, yesterday, a meeting which was headed by the president Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, with the aim to discuss preparations about the distribution process of electronic ID cards, was held in presidential palace.

Muhammad Sarvar Danish, second vice president, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive, Muhammad Hanif Atmar, national security adviser, Taj Muhammad Jahid, minister of interior affairs, Abdul salam Rahimi, general director of administrative office and a number of administration officials of electronic ID cards were present in the meeting, according to ARG newsletter.
Beside a comprehensive discussion on how to get the preparations for distributing electronic ID cards in the meeting, tasked a working group, composed of representatives from various departments to offer a clear analysis with the recommendations and a timetable to start distributing these cards and the process of distributing ID cards will begin based on the analysis.

The new law signed by the president Ghani with population registration that article sixth was adjusted, paved the way for distributing these ID cards and the government said that there is no obstacle on the way of distribution.

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