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President Ghani Calls on Pakistan to be Honest in Peace Process

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the third year of the 17th legislative term of the Afghanistan Parliament on Saturday, President

Ashraf Ghani called on Pakistan to be honest in the Afghan peace process.
“I call on Pakistan that let’s sincerely recognize each other’s independence and national sovereignty as two governments,” said the President. “Pakistan will benefit the most if peace comes to Afghanistan,” he added.

According to Mr Ghani, ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan opens Central Asia’s gateway to Pakistan and allows Islamabad to enter Central Asian markets via Afghanistan.

On the peace process, President Ghani said that the constitution and the system of Afghanistan are the national guarantees of the Afghan people and no other guarantee is needed.
President Ghani once again implicitly added that his successor at the Presidential Palace would only come through elections and public vote.

It is worth mentioning that the Afghan government has always accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist groups, especially the Taliban, something that Islamabad has always denied.

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