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Stolen historical artifacts of the country was returned to national museum from Japan

Dozen historical monuments and artifacts which have been stolen from National Museum during the civil wars, returned back by Japan, and were given to the officials of the museum in a special ceremony in Kabul.
Nadir Shah Katwazai, Head of Public Affairs of National Museum said that 102 pieces of artifacts, including the head and feet of Buddha statue, vases, paintings and artistic carvings were collected by Professor Yamaha “Japanese tutors” from several European and Asian countries.
According to Mr. Katwazai “most of these ancient arts had been smuggled from Afghanistan to European countries in 1990s and currently, these ancient traces have been collected by the initiative of Japan from 15 countries.
Mr. Katawazai added that National Museum with the support of government got all preparations for the preservation of these monuments.
During the country’s civil war, more than 70 percent of the antiquities and art works of the national museum were stolen or destroyed.

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