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Supreme Court: No authority can interfere in judicial affairs

Country’s Supreme Court reported changes in judicial affairs of Afghanistan for more transparency.
According to (DID) news agency report, Sayed Yusuf Halim, head of the Supreme Court, at the judicial conference of this entity said that judicial independence in decision making is a necessary condition and no authority can interfere in judicial decisions.

He said that applying the law is a principle in the governance system.
President of the Supreme Court emphasized on the importance of using all possibilities to improve the capacity of judicial system and added that to increase public confidence in the judicial system, we will make the necessary arrangements.
Mr. Halim asserted that the Supreme Court does not want the judicial issues to remain only on paper, but should practically take the necessary measures and establish justice for preserving the independence and impartiality in resolving cases.
In the end, he stressed that the Supreme Court’s activities will be different in the next five years and has intended long-term programs.

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