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Swaddled girls given to marriage in Ghor

Even swaddled girls are given to marriage in Ghor province, the governor of the province said.
Gholam Naser Khaze, Ghor governor in an exclusive interview with (Hasht-e-Subh) newspaper has said that incidents of early marriage of girls have been seen in the province, even when they are inside swaddled clothe (swaddling the baby, is a tradition that infants are fastened in blankets or similar clothes until two or three years.)
Mr. Khaze also talked about Daesh threats in Ghor province, he said the groups that operate under the name of ISIS, is a small group which seeks to implement “D.D.R” process to oppose the government.

Ghor governor also talked about ethnic problems in Ghor province. He said, the lives of some groups are depended to violence and war, and added that they use violence to makes the situation tense, in order to achieve their benefits.
He stressed that it has not laid brick by brick to develop the province before national unity government, and now by the establishment of national unity government nothing has been done by the ministries for the deprivation or to develop the province.

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