Third anniversary of “Marshal Fahim”, attended by thousands, held in Kabul

Yesterday, (Wednesday, March 8th), the third anniversary of Marshal M. Q. Fahim, attended by thousands was held in Kabul.
According to (DID) news agency report, Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive, Hamid Karzai, former president of Afghanistan, Adib Fahim, son of Marshal Fahim and dozens of senior government officials and Jihadi leaders had attended this ceremony.
Muhammad Adib Fahim, deputy national security directorate and son of Marshal Fahim that was speaking in this ceremony, said, as Marshal Fahim, the only Marshal of Afghanistan thought about peace; our message to all groups opposed of Afghanistan’s government is that to join the peace process; otherwise they are not against Afghanistan’s army, but against a strong nation with more than 30 million population, and will be destroyed against this great nation.
In the meantime, Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the national unity government, knew Marshal Fahim as an influential person on political developments of Afghanistan.
“Marshal Fahim was a steady man with determination, after martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Masood, country’s national hero, Marshal Fahim continued his way in the struggle and defending Afghanistan well.” Mr. Abdullah said.
“days of commemorating the anniversary of martyrdom and death of Mujahidin leaders, should make us understand the requirements of social justice and solidarity in the way of achieving goals of the country’s martyrs; because the only way to consolidate national unity of Afghanistan and Mujahidin’s integration can be the only way of solving country’s current challenges.” Chief executive added.

Hamid Karzai, former president of the country also called Marshal Fahim as a patriotic character and a caring servant of this soil and country and said that the only aim and desire of Marshal was peace and security in Afghanistan.
Muhammad Muhaqiq, second deputy of country’s chief executive also called Marshal Fahim as a Jihadi leader of Afghanistan after the martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Masood and said; Marshal Fahim was a strong superman that continued leadership of Afghanistan’s Jihad well, after the martyrdom of Ahmad Shah Masood.
In the meantime, former defense minister of Afghanistan, Abdurrahim Wardag, considered Marshal Fahim effective in the recent changes in Afghanistan and said; Marshal Fahim, in the course of recent events had an influential impact.
He underlined that if death, did not hunt Marshal Fahim, recent changes of Afghanistan will have been taken different shape and color.
Marshal Fahim was a close person to Ahmad Shah Masood, who was in Jihad and resistance front beside Ahmad Shah Masood “country’s national hero,” since the start of Jihad in Afghanistan against communist system of that time.
He took the responsibility of Jihad and resistance leadership after Ahmad Shah Masood and with presence of international community in Afghanistan, had given him the rank of Marshal “the highest military rank” in recognition of his struggle.
Marshal Fahim, led the two rounds as first vice president of Afghanistan during the presidency of Hamid Karzai, who passed away three years ago.

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