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Top Researcher Award Granted to Ayatollah Asif Muhseni

In a ceremony held Sunday in Tehran with the participation of hundreds of researchers of various countries of the world, UNESCO and ICESCO’s appreciation certificate and special award of 9th Farabi International Academic Foundation granted to Ayatullah Mohammad Asif Muhseni.

According to DID news agency, scholars and researchers from the countries of the Middle East and Europe participated in this International Science Festival, and the top researcher award of the year was granted to Ayatollah Asif Muhseni.

The Medal of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) of UNESCO and Serdis-e Farabi in the field of Islam-ology were donated to Mohammad Ali Qaradaghi of Iraq, Heinz Gaube of Gernmay, Bernard Okin of Ireland and Munir Derkich of Bosnia.

Ayatollah Asif Mohseni is one of the leading jihadi leaders and prominent religious scholars in Afghanistan who is busy in religious and scientific activities after the establishment of the new system.

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