Trump and Putin to meet each on the sidelines of (G 20) meeting: Kremlin

Kremlin vowed that the white house national security adviser and the Russian ambassador in America, have never talked about lifting Washington’s sanctions against Moscow.
According to media, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov announced that Michael Flynn, national security adviser of America’s president, Donald Trump and Russia’s ambassador in Washington did not discuss on removing Washington’s sanctions against Russia.
(Interfax) news agency reported that Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin and America’s president, Donald Trump will meet each other on the sidelines of the group 20 economic summit, called (G20), in Germany any way, which is scheduled to be held in June 2017.
Peskov continued: there is no time fixed for the meeting of the two sides before (G 20) summit so far.
He mentioned in his speaking to Edward Snowden, former American national security agency employee that had leaked the secrets related to this organization, spying American citizens and the officials of other countries, and said: Snowden is not on the agenda of bilateral relations of America and Russia. This issue has not been raised.
This Russian official underlined that Kremlin closely follows Washington’s international communications and evaluates these communications from the prospect of Russia’s national interest.

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