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Trump Present Era’s Pharaoh, better to be Muslim: Herati protestors

Thousands of people marched in the western Herat province of Afghanistan Friday 8 December.
The protesters denounced the United States of America due to recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

According to DID News agency report, Fazl Rahman Ansari, a cleric, who was speaking at the gathering said: “with this action, Donald Trump proved that the destruction of America and Israel is getting close,”
“From now on, American forces will never be safe in any Islamic country,” he said.
Addressing to Muslims, he added: “Muslims should not use US dollars in business deals.”
Mohammad Arif Habibi, a protester also said: “US president is present era’s pharaoh who act like an aggressor.”
According to him, recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital by America will trigger a third world war between Islamic countries and America as well.

Na’im Rezayee, another protester said: “Trump should give up these sensitive actions and he is better to become a Muslim.”
“If US president does not take back his words, all American forces will not be safe in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.” He said.
He called the United States and Israel as two aggressors against the Islamic world, saying Jerusalem had been for Muslims and will be forever.

Last week, US president Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which received reactions from Islamic and non-Islamic countries.

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