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Trust to be Built between Kabul-Islamabad: President Ghani

In a visit with the Pakistani chief of staff in ARG presidential palace on Sunday, president Ghani stressed that there must be a trusting atmosphere between Kabul and Islamabad to destroy the insurgents in the region.
According to ARG statement, president Ghani read the visit of the Pakistani delegation as a new chapter for cooperation between the two states and considered it important, as good cooperation opportunities have been created.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani senior military official pledged that his country is ready to cooperate in combating terrorism, which is a common threat.
“Both-sides’ working team should take the next steps in different sectors in order to develop a clear framework for comprehensive cooperation for peace and stability in the region and practical steps should be taken in this regard too,” President Ghani emphasized.
He stressed that a monitoring and timing system must be established for each of the parties’ commitment.

“We as officials, have a historical faith to work for our people and use the conditions provided for the benefit of both countries and the region,” president Ghani underlined while addressing to the Pakistani chief of staff.
During the visit, both sides emphasized not to cling to the past and should be farsighted, considering the current status.
The visit comes as both countries do not have a warm relation and Kabul has always accused Islamabad of backing terrorism

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