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U.S Gains Most from Afghanistan Poppy Cultivation

American troops in Afghanistan pocket billions of dollars by the export of drug to the world each year and drug trafficking has become a huge source of income for U.S military, a Russian media disclosed.
“R.N.T.V” media claimed that Taliban has stopped poppy cultivation in Afghanistan in 2001 and were fighting against them, but by the presence of American forces, drug production increased by 50 times.
It is said that Afghanistan alone provide 93% of world’s narcotic and poppy is widely cultivated, processed and smuggled throughout the country.
Another part of the Russian press disclosure of the drug trafficking in Afghanistan has contacted the privacy of senior Afghan government officials.
The Russian media claims that “Ahmad Wali Karzai” Hamid Karzai’s brother, former president of the country had a hand in drug trafficking from Afghanistan.
This media reported that Ahmad Wali was jailed in U.S federal prison, but then after Hamid Karzai came to power, he was released and became powerful in Afghanistan.
On the other hand, Russian foreign ministry in a statement, said: it is “surprising and dubious” that NATO and America avoid fighting against drugs in Afghanistan.
According to the Russian foreign ministry statement, American troops in Afghanistan take a silent policy on cultivation and drug trafficking in this country, because tens of billions of dollars go to America annually.
The United States of America sent its troops to Afghanistan to fight the terrorism in 2001, but since then, insecurity and drug cultivation in the country have unexpectedly increasedd.

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