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UN delegation Should Ask “situation” from people Not government: Ata M. Noor

The U.N security council delegation arrived in Kabul late Saturday. It is said the aim of the trip is to review Afghanistan’s security situation and to discuss the challenges.
The members of the delegation met with the leaders of a national unity government.

Meanwhile, the Kazakh representative and the chief of UN security council had said, the UN expect from Afghanistan to address terrorist threats, drug trafficking, and organized crimes as well as providing a platform for regional trade expansion.

On the other hand, some experts and MPs say the visit of the UN security council is important for Afghanistan, adding recent tensions between Kabul and Balkh is one of the main issues the delegation is talking about it.
According to analysts, they have called on the government to solve the issue through dialogue.

Ata M. Noor also said among his fans in Balkh province that the UN Security Council delegation should ask the issues from the people not from ARG palace.
“I suggest to the UN Security Council delegation to ask the current situation of Afghanistan from people not from ARG palace,” Mr. Noor said.

What is the outcome of the UN delegation visit from Afghanistan, is the question that time will respond to it.

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