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UNAMA welcomes determination of Afghan election date

The United Nations Political Office (UNAMA) welcomes the announcement of the date of the parliamentary and district council elections, stressing on the sustainability and transparency of the process.
According to the newsletter which was sent by the UNAMA to (DID) news agency: the office welcomes the determination of the time for the parliamentary and district council election on 7 July 2018, calling for transparency, comprehensiveness, and sustainability of the electoral process.

Tedamichi Yamamoto, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Afghanistan, said: Afghan people have shown their willingness to hold credible and inclusive elections. UNAMA welcomes the independent election commission’s commitment for the exact date of the election and improving the transparency of electoral process.

“The United Nations Security Council has asked UNAMA to back Afghan officials to hold the election, improving transparency, sustainability and the comprehensiveness of the electoral process.” The statement added.
UNAMA is committed to cooperate with those entities which have reform plans to increase transparency and building confidence to the democratic process in Afghanistan.

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