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Voice of Afghan Women in Defense of Republic: Stop the Bloodshed!

The “Voice of Afghan Women in Defense of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” held a conference at the Loya Jirga tent on Sunday and issued a resolution in 9 articles, urging the Afghan government and the Taliban to agree on ceasefire.
This resolution was issued after completion of Afghan women campaign in 34 provinces which approved 15,700 views from women in all 34 provinces.

Article 1 of the resolution calls on the negotiating teams of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban to reach an agreement on a ceasefire and end the war and bloodshed of innocent people.
The resolution calls on the religious scholars to work for the promotion of peace culture, preservation of national, religious values and identities to strengthen national unity, mutual acceptance and conflict resolution through mosques.

“we, the Afghan women, as the defenders of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, demand and respect the citizenship rights, achievement of the last two decades of all citizens especially women, and the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country,” read the resolution.
The Afghan women resolution consider the preservation of the country’s constitution as national obligation, in order to guarantee the civil and political rights in peace negotiations.
According to the resolution, the Afghan women support the public movements and actions of the Afghan government to achieve a lasting and dignified peace.

Article 6 of the resolution support the families of the those affected by war and the martyrs of the security and civil institution.
“Based on the principles of neighborhood, we Afghan women seek the support of neighboring countries and the region for the peace process in Afghanistan and we ask the international community to ensure lasting peace and provide necessary cooperation to strengthen our country’s defense and security forces,” the resolution said.
The resolution added that the Afghan women want a peaceful life, in acceptance of linguistic; ethnical and religious differences, because the beauty lies in ethnic, religious diversities and national unity.

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