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18 armed government opposition killed, wounded in Farah

According to local officials in Farah province, 18 anti-government armed opposition killed and wounded in this province.
Friday (21 July), armed Taliban carried out offensive around 9:30 local time, over Pushtkoh qala-Kah district, Mohammad Nasir Mehri, Farah governor’s spokesman told (DID) news agency report.
“The clashes between security forces and the anti-government opposition continued up to 3 am, that eventually 12 armed opposition were killed and 6 others injured,” he added.
According to him, 6 national army forces and national police were killed and three others wounded.
“The injured people are in critical condition,” he said.
Meanwhile, commando forces and national army had arrived at the area that they ran away as suffered casualties and the district is under the control.

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