30 percent of Afghan woman marrying underage

The United Nations population fund representative in Afghanistan expressed concerns about underage marriages of Afghan women.
According to (DID) news agency report, Bannet Ndyanabangi, head of the United Nations Population fund in Afghanistan says that 30 percent of Afghan women get marry underage, which is extremely concerning in Afghanistan.
“Marriage under the age has horrible consequences like sexual and health risks and maternal mortality that it should be avoided.” According to Bannet Ndyanabangi.

On the other hand, Rola Ghani, country’s first lady considers forced and underage marriage a sad and unpleasant phenomenon in Afghanistan.
“Underage marriages are illegal and the government tries to reduce the challenge,” country’s first lady stressed.
Meanwhile, Kenneth Neufeld, Canada’s ambassador in Kabul also stated that his country is ready to cooperate with the government of Afghanistan to eliminate the phenomenon.
“Forced marriages keep Afghan girls from education and it requires to raise the awareness of the families to fight the challenge.” He added.

However, poverty, bad traditions, insecurity, and continuing the culture of impunity are the main factors of forced and underage marriages in Afghanistan.

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