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Afghan House of Representatives Vote to Abolish some Administrations

Afghanistan’s House of Representatives passed a resolution that would cancel administrations established by presidential decree, like National Security Council (NSC) and Administrative Office of the President (AOP).

The House of Representatives, in a plenary session on Monday, approved the abolition of the offices established by the President’s decree. Therefore, the possibility of abolishing administrations such as the NSC and the AOP seems likely.

A number of lawmakers, in a session last Wednesday, called for the abolition of offices such as the National Security Council, which they say were formed illegally.
Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, head of the parliament’s legislative commission, said at the hearing that most of the offices had been set up in violation of article 97 of the constitution while it recognizes only two central and local offices.
“The NSC and similar administrations are against the law and the president does not have the authority to establish it,” he added.

The NSC has been established in accordance with article 64 of the constitution, taking into account the role of the Supreme Leader of the Armed Forces of the Government of Afghanistan.
The NSC, chaired by the President, is the highest authority and decision-making body on national security, national interests, territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

The country’s top civilian, military, and security officials are members of the NSC, who perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the law.
The NSC defines, identifies, examines and makes necessary decisions on all internal and external issues that are considered a threat to the national security and national interests of the country.
However, the House of Representatives of the parliament has passed a resolution to abolish these offices, and it remains to be seen whether the government will abide by the decision of the legislative branch.

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