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On Afghan political and security status

Afghan, U.S national security advisers talk with each other

Hanif Atmar, country’s national security adviser spoke with Gen. McMaster, American national security adviser through a video conference, on the political and security situation in Afghanistan and the region.
Mr. McMaster assured Mr. Atmar that the people and government of America are standing by the people and government of Afghanistan with commitment and goodwill in difficult situations, according to national security statement.
He added that the United States is committed to long-term cooperation with the government of Afghanistan.
National Security Advisers of Afghanistan and the United States discussed on the contents and agenda of imminent talks between the two countries and reached a series of agreements on the important points of the negotiation.

The United States National Security Advisor stated that these talks will last until the country can expand the range of cooperation needed for Afghanistan’s security and stability.

“The United States supports the efforts and progress of the Afghan government in the areas of security, good governance, the fight against corruption, peace and economic growth,” he stressed at the end.

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