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Afghanistan calls for Closure of Haqqani Madrasa in Pakistan

Hamid ul-Haq, the head of Haqqania Madrasa in Pakistan and the son of Sami ul-Haq known as the spiritual leader of Taliban, in a video clip called on the Afghan government to surrender to the Taliban group. The Afghan presidential palace, in response, called on the Pakistani government to close Haqqania madrasa.
Hamid al-Haq, who succeeded his father after his assassination, says that the Afghan government should lay down its weapons and surrender to the Taliban.

Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for the presidential palace, meanwhile, said that “these mullahs are the spiritual fathers of extremist groups, including the Taliban terrorist group. The people of Afghanistan do not value such statements”.
“The Pakistani government is responsible for such statements. Pakistan has not fought against terrorism enough. If it wants to be honest in its fight against terrorism, it must close these Madrasas that spread extremism as soon as possible,” he stressed.

The head of Haqqania madrasa added in the clip that the Afghan government is fighting the Taliban on Indian orders and that New Delhi wants the war with the Taliban to continue; Therefore, this group will continue the war until the establishment of an Islamic State in Kabul.
On the other hand, Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian, in response to these statement on his Twitter account, called him the killer of Afghans and wrote: “Tell Hamid al-Haq to bury this ideal like his father”.

The Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs said that Hamid-ul-Haq’s statements have roots in the Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, adding that it is an explicit interference in the affairs of Afghanistan.
It is clear to the world that the intelligence agencies of the neighboring country always incite war in Afghanistan through these schools, the Ministry underlined, asking the Pakistani government to clarify its official position about these statements made by the head of Haqqania madrasa.

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