Afghanistan in the Edge of Darkness

Scaremongering and bloody attacks of September 11th, 2001 in America, and targeting the twin towers of the world trade shook the bodies of western powers, fifteen years ago. This event helped to set the public opinion and policies of the west on Afghanistan. Western powers sent troops to this territory to retaliate the September eleventh attacks and destroy scaring centers in Afghanistan and to collapse Taliban rul. Counter-terrorism as the slogan and overall strategy, and terror groups like A-Qaeda and Taliban were read as the basic goals of the military expeditions. They vowed to the world that they come to Afghanistan to “topple Taliban and Al-Qaeda” and “prosecute their leaders.” The issue of “developing democracy” in the region was considered as the other claims of western powers mobilization in the region and Afghanistan. They promised to change Afghanistan into a paradise area and a plausible model of the countries in the region…

Undoubtedly, occurring these changes and new approaches of the West, took Afghanistan into a new political, social and economic stage. The formation of the recent phase created a new spirit, hope and optimism about the future of the people; but this optimism and credulous of the government was “temporal.” Because soon the situation changed in such a way as if there are no changes and not only the mentioned promises went unfulfilled ; but bloody events and next mystery developments showed that Afghanistan must experience new and a different kind of crisis and challenges after the September 11th. Now the people of Afghanistan have believed that despite of the fulfillment of new changes in their lives, still have to spend their time with fears of insecurity and other fundamental changes, after fifteen years. With the outbreak of the bloody and shocking events in a row and political turmoil and breakdown of governmental structures, they are severely worried about the future. Ongoing realities relate that not only yesterday’s terrorists like Taliban still remained powerful, but new kinds of terrorism such as Daesh (ISIS) have faced the lives of people, security of the country and stability of the region with serious peril.

If we consider the events of the recent past days and given warnings, will figure out the root of the concerns well. A few days ago, Kabul’s central hospital, which is considered as one of the important, remedial center and country’s secured hospital; despite of severe security measure targeted mysteriously by armed oppositions. While, the hospital is located near the presidential palace, U.S embassy and ministry of national defense, the attackers could penetrate easily and take the control of the hospital for more than seven hours. Terrorists unsparingly killed and wounded bedfast patients. After the end of the battle and killing terrorists, Daesh (ISIS) took the responsibility of the crime. The sealed secrets of the deadly attack was not opened yet, when news agencies declared that Khost’s military airport was also targeted by attackers. Reports indicates that after the explosion by a suicide attacker opened the way for other. It is said that most of the troops in the field, are foreigners. It is obviously clear that no part of the country and private and public institutions are immune from the threat of the terrorist attacks, after the occurrence of such events in a row, in the center and other provinces of the country.

In the aftermath of the bloody and shocking events, the U.N also expressed serious concerns about country’s security status and said that the deterioration of the security situation is on the rise and battle between security forces and Taliban in 2016 had reached its peak, and will continue in 2017 as well. The agency detailed in their report that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating in general and has recorded about 24000 incidents during a year that the statistics show an increase of 5 percent compared to 2015. Moreover, the U.N reports unlike claims of the country’s security officials acknowledge that Daesh has kept its presence in Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan provinces.

Considering the country’s security status, political and military experts believe that domestic and foreign government solutions in the field of law sovereignty, developing of central government, strengthening, consolidating security forces and counter-terrorism, creating jobs and boosting the country’s economy, especially in the fight against oppositions and advancing peace process has been seriously weakened. Thus, at the end of this year and the beginning of the New Year, if the national unity government does not conduct a vigorous appeal to the existing strategies and programs, the situation in the next year will be even more disturbing and dark.

Murad Muradi – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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